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Below are answers to frequently asked questions about health care and Exclusive Care Services.

If you have any additional questions that you feel have not been addressed above, please feel free to fill out the form below or call us at 416-599-7232.

Full client documentation (as required) is maintained by the attending caregiver. Clients are assigned a Field Supervisor who monitors the provision of care in compliance with the Personal Care Plan. The Field Supervisors frequently meet with the client and their representative. In addition, we are actively involved with the adjustments in care that may be necessary as the client’s condition changes. For example, the need for a Registered Nurse may change to that of a Registered Practical Nurse. Our open house policy encourages feedback from our clients whether complimentary or not.

Exclusive Care Services has been in business for over 28 years. We initially provided our services to centrally located hospitals in the Toronto area, but expanded to provide private nursing care in the community. Recognizing the need for a nursing agency that could offer comprehensive care services at competitive rates has allowed us to maintain strong business relationships with our clients and partners.

Community Care Access Centres are the provincially funded organizations that provide information about the care options and health care services in designated geographic areas. These local organizations have been established by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to provide access to government funded home and community services and long-term care homes.

In general, there are two fundamental types of in-home services that agencies provide: homemaker and health care, or nursing care services. Homemaker services usually encompass a variety of household and non-medical care duties, including bathing, meal preparation, ambulatory care, and some general hygienic care. Nursing care services may include nursing care, physical therapy, respiratory and intravenous care, and other medically required care. Exclusive Care Services provides both types of services.

Home health care is an excellent, cost-effective alternative to institutional care. It provides more inclusive care by caregivers and family members. Service care is based on the individual’s needs and/or a physician’s Care Plan and is provided in the home. The care itself may range from a few hours daily to 24-hour care by nurses and/or therapists, and other health care providers.

Both Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses will provide nursing care in the same setting, but there are important differences in both practice and education. RPNs have a post-secondary education in a two-year program, graduating with a diploma in Practical Nursing, while RNs must attain a four-year Bachelor of Nursing Degree. In practice, RPNs are utilized in less complex cases where the client is in a stable and predictable situation. RNs on the other hand, can work in any type of situation as the RPN, but can also work where the client’s care is more complex and unpredictable, or if they are critically ill. The Registered Nurse is able to perform designated medical acts as per orders from a physician.

As part of our service, we attempt to provide our clients with the best possible match in terms of skills, experience, and any requests or preferences expressed. In the event that a particular caregiver is not suited for whatever reason, Exclusive Care Services will replace that caregiver with another to make an appropriate fit.

If you have any additional questions that you feel have not been addressed above, please feel free to fill out the form below or call us at 416-599-7232.


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