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Exclusive Care Services wants to provide you with resources and information that can help you better understand what is involved in the delivery of quality health care services, and what options are available to your loved one. We believe that every client should have access to the materials they need to manage their health issues.

Please check out our useful health care resources below:

Self Care Tips

When it comes to personal health care, there are many ways that a person can be proactive. An individual may not be able to stop the full impact of illnesses, injuries, or aging, but there is a great deal that one can do to enhance their quality of life and feel independent. Here you will find Self Care Tips that can help your loved one feel more comfortable in their own home. Click to view

A Fall Prevention Checklist and Guide

Please enjoy this Fall Prevention Checklist and Guide, compliments of Exclusive Care Services. But more importantly, please use this Fall Prevention Checklist and Guide to help reduce your loved one’s risk of falling in their day-to-day routine. Remember that half of all falls happen in and around the home. Take your time with the Guide. Review each page and mark the appropriate answers. Pass this information onto your loved one if you feel that it is necessary. Click to view

It’s Your Health, Be Involved

One of the keys to getting the best health care is to be an active participant in the delivery of health care. Each individual should be actively involved and engaged in the decisions made about their care. Ask questions and give suggestions; our experienced staff are always pleased to respond. This is a great resource to give to a loved one regarding their own health care. Click to view

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." - Sir Winston Churchill

Client & Family Resources