Our Services

Our Services

Exclusive Care Services provides professional nursing staff for clients that need medical and/or non-medical assistance in their homes. We offer professional and affordable nursing care for the elderly, ill, injured and physically restricted. Our service is centred on helping our clients manage their health issues, so they can attain good health, well-being, and the best quality of life possible.

We fully support the active involvement of family members and the client in the service delivery. The relationships established with clients and family members are extremely important to us and can play a critical role in the smooth and effective delivery of our services.

We are often contacted by family and/or clients under hospital/facility care to provide our services to supplement the care they receive while in health care institutions. Patients are being discharged earlier than ever before, as the typical hospitalization stays have decreased over the years. We understand that the transition home can be stressful, and filled with fear and anxiety. Our service will relieve you of the concerns of coverage, and provide you with peace of mind, knowing that there are no interruptions in the continuance of care.

Exclusive Care Services recognizes that in many cases, specialized home health care, whether it is for four hours or on an extended basis, is often a better choice for those needing assistance. It is an alternative when institutional care is not practical, economical or appropriate.

The warm, familiar, and comfortable surroundings of home can be very beneficial as one recovers or manages an illness. It promotes our health and well-being with the feeling of control, independence, reduced stress, and heightened self-esteem that seldom can be matched elsewhere.

Is there a need for medical or non-medical care, or both? Exclusive Care Services will create a Personalized Care Plan that is designed to address your loved one’s health issues, assemble the appropriate health care professionals that best suits the plan, and will continually manage the care delivery – all from the comfort and convenience of the home.

"Cheerfulness and content are great beautifiers, and are famous preservers of youthful looks." - Charles Dickens

Our Services