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Complimentary Assessment

The initial consultation is without charge or obligation. An experienced Registered Nurse will be the one to carry out the assessment, and will determine the scope of the service delivered. It’s important to note that input from you, the client’s doctor and others are encouraged by Exclusive Care Services.

This initial assessment allows us to introduce our company and services to you and your loved one. It also gives us the opportunity to discuss their situation and health care needs. Our discussions are totally confidential, and we encourage everyone to be expressive and forthright about all issues that may concern them.

There is an extensive checklist of items that the assessor must examine and evaluate beyond the physical illnesses/impairments, emotional and psychological aspects of the client’s care. A safe environment for our client and our caregivers is always a major consideration. For example, the inspection of rooms for safety issues, is there furniture or an apparatus in ill repair that may pose a concern, are medications properly labelled and appropriately stored, is there adequate lighting in hallways and stairs, and so on.

Some of the other issues that will be considered during the assessment are:

• Injury
• Respiratory
• Circulation
• Neurological
• Vision and Hearing
• Ambulation
• Toileting/Continence
• Nutrition and Diet
• Pain Sources
• Safety Measures
• Health Risk Assessment
• Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

We will always ensure full transparency before our service begins.

Our clients will:

• Understand the scope of care that will be provided
• Identify any special care or equipment requirements
• Be aware of the cost for services delivered
• Understand his/her rights and obligations
• Receive a copy of our Client Charter of Rights
• Be aware of our corporate responsibilities, with regards to the care provided

Our focus is simple "Life is for living"

Complimentary Assessment