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How Does It Work?

At Exclusive Care Services, we believe that in order to provide the best health care, we need to thoroughly understand each client’s situation, so that the most appropriate and beneficial decisions will be made.

The initial Complimentary Assessment is without charge or obligation. An experienced Registered Nurse will come directly to the home at the client’s convenience in order to introduce our services, discuss their care requirements, and help them decide on a Personal Care Plan that best suits their needs. This is an open session; it’s an opportunity for us to get to know both you and the client, answer all of your questions, and to evaluate your loved one’s situation, environment and health care needs. We want to provide them with care that is appropriate, timely and complete, as well as eliminate any potential safety concerns that may endanger your loved one or our staff.

Once you and your loved one have a clear understanding of the scope of care to be provided and are agreeable to the terms, and understand the responsibilities and obligations, and ours, the Personal Care Plan is signed off. The agreement will remain in effect for the duration of time that our services are required.

This will put the Personal Care Plan into action. We select caregivers that not only have the skills and experience needed, but are also well-suited for our clients (perhaps because they share a similar personality, ethnicity, language, customs, and so on).

We offer flexibility and control when it comes to your loved one’s care. If they prefer mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, overnight care, or if they have special requests, we will structure our care delivery to accommodate their lifestyle and schedule. Exclusive Care Services will also make sure that our services are flexible with the primary caregiver’s daily plans.

ECS_rendering02Consistency is very important to us. We want you to develop a strong relationship with the staff that comes to the home. It is vital that both you and your loved one are completely comfortable and trust our caregivers. Depending on the extent of coverage, a team of two to four caregivers who are familiar with your loved one and their situation is often the most favoured model for continuity of care. When possible, we will place the same caregivers on your loved one’s case; this will reduce or eliminate any unnecessary stress that comes with the introduction of a new caregiver.

Our Field Supervisors will communicate on an ongoing basis with you (the family member), and confer with family physicians to ensure that the level of care remains effective and appropriate, and that adjustments are not required.

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Our Care