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Our Philosophy on Care

Exclusive Care Services has a passion for life.

Our philosophy on care supports our Mission and Vision, and embraces the guiding principles that govern our approach to health care and how we conduct our business.

Our corporate culture is about building relationships with clients, family members, staff, colleagues, and our community partners. The purpose of all our collaborations remains the health, comfort and safety of the patient or client. Everyone is unique and has different needs and priorities. By valuing and encouraging open dialogue, we build therapeutic relationships with clients that encompasses dignity, compassion and trust, while recognizing inherent differences and diverse needs.

Our approach to care is built on respecting the cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds of our clients and their families. We understand that finding the most suitable caregiver for your loved one often requires consideration of matters beyond that of experience and skill sets. We believe that issues, such as culture, language, customs, personality, and even age can influence the delivery of health care services.

We believe that our caregivers should continually embrace learning opportunities that will educate and develop their expertise and skills. We value and encourage their personal and professional development. Educating our clients and family members is also important. We want them to have full confidence in their decisions and peace of mind knowing that the most appropriate care model has been selected. This site will provide a lot of information about our services, but equally as important, there are educational resources available to assist in making the best decisions for each situation.

Since 1985, we have been customizing our health care services with the specific needs of our clients and their families in mind. Our non-intrusive services are flexible and are tailored to complement our clients’ lifestyles and schedules.

We design patient-centred Care Plans that:

• Achieves good health and well-being
• Promotes active lifestyles
• Attains the best quality of life for our clients

We rely on the specialties of our colleagues not only to ensure appropriate decisions are made, but also to allow us to be proactive in identifying early deviations from expected outcomes, so that we may adjust services accordingly.

Ethical behaviour is paramount at Exclusive Care Services. It is an important component of our Vision. It is essential that everyone at Exclusive Care Services conducts themselves with honesty, transparency, decency and integrity at all times. You see, our motto “passion for life” is much more than words; it is a reverence for life, living and human dignity.

"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans" - John Lennon

Our Philosophy on Care