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Client Care Values

We believe that all clients should be treated with dignity and respect. At Exclusive Care Services, we respect the spiritual and religious views of our clients, and acknowledge the inherent worth, dignity and diversity of every client regardless of their ethnicity, socio-economic status and health situation.

Our services are based on respecting your loved one’s independence, self-determination, and their personal care preferences. We demonstrate sensitivity by listening to, understanding, and respecting their values, beliefs and needs. Our staff refrains from accepting gifts of a monetary or material value, as we believe strongly in maintaining a professional manner with our clients and their families at all times.

Our clients are the focal point of our services. It is extremely important to us that every client receives the best care and that the support we provide is timely, non-intrusive and complete.

We believe that all clients have absolute rights and obligations. Exclusive Care Services’ Charter of Rights was created with the protection of the client’s and caregiver’s rights in mind. All clients are endowed with certain rights and responsibilities, and will be informed of them in writing during the initial Complimentary Assessment.

We listen to our clients, their loved ones and/or significant others, and encourage them to provide feedback on our performance. Please feel free to contact us via website, telephone or directly in-person. Whether it’s complimentary or not, we want to hear your thoughts, questions or concerns. There are no third party operators or answering services, so you will always have direct access to us – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Your loved one’s personal information, health history and medical care are kept totally confidential and private. All staff members and consultants must sign confidentiality agreements. Policies and procedures regarding confidentiality are in compliance with all provincial and federal laws and guidelines. Newsletters are sent out to staff reminding them of critical issues of ethical standards and client confidentiality.

We have put all of these procedures in place in order to ensure that your loved one’s needs are always put first..

"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans" - John Lennon

Client Care Values