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The Personal Care Plan

The creation of a Personal Care Plan is possible when the initial Complimentary Assessment has been completed. This will equip us with all of the information necessary to customize our service to your specific requirements and situation.

The selection of caregivers will greatly depend on the Personal Care Plan. Clearly, caregivers possessing the necessary skills and experience must be a good fit for our clients. However, there are other considerations which also have a significant bearing on how well we are able to deliver our services.

Living in a multicultural society, we understand that some clients will have preferences influenced by religion, culture, customs, language and ethnicity. The ease of service delivery is significantly enhanced when we are able to match these preferences with the attending caregivers. Age is another example. A younger client might prefer a caregiver who is closer to his/her age with whom he/she can more easily relate.

The Personal Care PlanThe Personal Care Plan provides us with some insight, so that we are better prepared to choose the right caregiver.

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The Personal Care Plan