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Quality Management Practices

Exclusive Care Services is built on sound Quality Management Practices. We are fully compliant with all provincial and federal laws, and professional licensing. All of our staff falls under the blanket of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), and are fully compliant with current Joint Occupational Health and Safety standards.

Exclusive Care Services maintains all staff registration, documentation and/or certificates of competence from the original copies. We also validate current registration status with the applicable governing association. Our registered caregivers are also either covered under our liability insurance policy or under the policy of their member association.

Exclusive Care Services has active ongoing employee performance evaluation procedures to ensure our high standards are upheld. All staff carry photo identification to identify themselves as legitimate representatives of our company. Our Nursing Supervisors routinely visit clients to procure performance information and feedback, and we maintain full client documentation. Our company operates with established corporate Client Care Values, in addition to the guidelines and Standards of Practice of the various governing colleges.

As a trusted home health care provider, we communicate with the client’s team, including family members, significant others, and medical practitioners, to ensure the very best level of care is provided in a timely and complete manner.

"The most significant aspect of our service is to focus on compassion for these in need of care. We are always cognizant that there is a strong correlation between quality of life and the qualityof care we provide." - Gloria Osborne, founder and CEO

Quality Management Practices