About Us

Our Philosophy on Care

Exclusive Care Services is a health care nursing agency that has a passion for life and a commitment to yours.

Our philosophy on care supports our Mission and Vision, and embraces the guiding principles that govern how we conduct our business.

It is vital that we build strong collaborative relationships with you, concerned family members, and those involved in all aspects of your care. The service we provide is very personal, and we understand that earning your trust is essential for you to feel comfortable, safe and at ease with those involved in the activities of your care. We value open and meaningful dialogue as it is a building block for understanding and trust.

We absolutely encourage and value your active participation in the care that you will receive. Two-way communication is key. Understanding your situation and providing pertinent information for you and your family about our services and what is available beyond our services, will allow you to make confident decisions about what is most appropriate for you.

Our service is geared towards helping you cope with the often unpredictable changes in life circumstances, and to help you make those new adjustments manageable. We understand that these changes are often very stressful and can occur when you are unprepared. That is why we are always available 24 hours, every day of the year, to support and assist you as the need arises.

Everyone is unique and has different needs, expectations and priorities. Our philosophy on care is rooted in respecting your cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. We believe that many issues beyond skills and competency, such as language, customs, personality, and even age can significantly impact how effectively we can deliver our service to you.

Our service is only as good as our caregivers. We invest a significant amount of resources to procure staff who are professional, competent and passionate about health care. We encourage them to continually educate and develop their expertise and skills through continuing education.

It is essential that all employees working for Exclusive Care Services conducts themselves with honesty, respect, transparency, decency, and integrity at all times. Ethical behaviour is expected at all times and any deviations are unacceptable, period.

"Walking is man's best medicine" - Hippocrates

Our Philosophy on Care